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Party Kaps®

Size: Single

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Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Michael Polly
Very satisfying

I absolutely love this product.

Briahna Wandel
Great fun!

I took the capsules and within 30 min I felt the sense of euphoria and heightened mood. It was just what I was looking for! I will definitely be getting more.

Nausea, not worth taking IMO

I had horrible nausea from 30min to about 2hr from taking. Got no sense of well-being or relaxation, energy or confidence. Might just be me but IMO not worth the side effects.

Aaron parTgaiy
Party kaps, a great herbal alternative to mdma

I took 3 party kaps and my girlfriend took to. She was not familiar with MDMA,I am. I'm an hour, I started getting rushes of a euphoric stimulation while remaining calm. My vision seemed brightens save I felt euphoric save sociable. There wasn't much jaw clinching but my eyes wiggled from side to side uncontrollably a bit. This was not unpleasant , rather one of my favorite things about empathogens. The effects lasted 2-3 hours with no bad comedown. I hit the party bar a few times while feeling the kaps, it really boosted the effects.

This would be great to take a dance music party or psychedelic, chill music party. Sex was greatly enhanced and it was as very pleasurable experience over so. I love empathogens and I would happily consume this before a rave, especially if I had a party bar.. Thanks, hope you all enjoy

Alex Ramirez
Highly recommend these!

I don’t drink and this stuff helps me connect with people and enjoy myself when I’m out and about.

Product Description

The World’s First Party Enhancement Supplement, Party Kaps, will lift you up to own any experience, day or night.  Powered by Kanna, Party Kaps also comes packed with caffeine, B12 and electrolytes to keep you energized, confident and fueled to be the hero of your situation.  What’s your origin story?

•  High Potency Kanna Extract
•  Caffeine
•  B Vitamins
•  Electrolytes
•  Milk Thistle Liver Support